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About us

We are a network of freelance interpreters based in Stuttgart.

Our expertise? Interpreting, organisation and consulting for your multilingual symposium, negotiations or company celebrations – in short, our proactive involvement. To ensure everything runs smoothly when it really counts. You benefit from uncomplicated processes and a one-stop-shop solution for all your needs, provided by a well-coordinated, flexible and reliable team.

We are not just language experts. We have years of experience in conference consulting and the organisation of interpreting equipment. No matter which member of our team you contact, we will always find a tailored solution for the languages you require.

Sabine Kreuzpaintner


Cornelia Oppitz


Ann-Christin Pitz


Martina Theimer


Carolin Behrendt


Isabel Lienenkämper


Isabel Lienenkämper

Phone: +49 7156 17 68 80

Valeria Armiento


Nathalie Luthner


Our services


Do you need someone to translate from one language into another at your event, but aren’t exactly sure which type of interpreting would be best? There’s no need to worry!

If you just focus on the event content, we will take care of the multilingual communication. We can advise which type of interpreting would be most appropriate for your event and arrange interpreting teams in the desired languages.

For languages that we do not cover ourselves, we can draw on our extensive network of professional interpreters. We only work with colleagues whom we know personally and who have the same high quality standards as we do.

Ensuring that your event will always be a linguistic success!

Online Meetings

Thanks to the latest remote interpreting solutions using an interpreting hub, you don’t need to do without simultaneous interpreters during your international online meetings.

Being host to several permanent interpreting hubs set up and operated by renowned event technology providers, the city of Stuttgart is pioneering in the field of remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI).

We are happy to provide advice on the communication setup and coordinate the implementation in collaboration with the hub operators. Your data will stay secure in any situation – and your participants can enjoy smooth communication. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Event Consulting

Whether a multilingual conference or bilateral negotiations, celebratory dinner or work meeting, specialist lecture or product presentation.

We have been involved in many different types of events and therefore know exactly what is required at each. Want advice directly from active interpreters rather than from project managers unfamiliar with the intricacies of interpreting? Then you have come to the right place!

We can offer expert advice and also organise interpreting teams, technology and anything else you might need for multilingual communication – all from one single source.


We make speech visible and produce real-time subtitles for your event!

You are planning an accessible event in which hearing-impaired people can also participate without any problems? Then we will provide you with live captions in German or English and will also be happy to advise you on the technical equipment needed.

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Phone: 0711 28 69 30 90

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