Sabine Kreuzpaintner

Be it continuous generating grinding, the calculation of core losses in inductive components or immediate implantation with immediate loading – no topic is too odd for me. Quite the opposite: I always look forward to learning new things – as interpreter at your conference or live-captioner at your accessible event.

Diploma in conference interpreting

German (A) – English  (B)

Professional associations

+49 179 210 43 53



Main fields of expertise

Conferences and congresses e.g. in the field of engine technology, drive and chassis technology, e-mobility; numerous events of various OEMs and automotive suppliers
Mechanical engineering
Production technologies such as metalworking, forming, grinding, coating, parts cleaning and deburring
Seminars and annual conferences of various dental societies, mainly in the field of endodontics, implantology, laser dentistry and biological dentistry

Further training and qualification

  • Training and seminars in automotive engine, control and electrical engineering as well as specialized lectures on anatomy, musculoskeletal system and inflammatory medicine
  • 2020-2021 Certificate in speech-to-text interpreting at SDI Munich

Volunteer commitment

  • Officer responsible for professional training in the German Conference Interpreters’ Association VKD 2014-2017
  • Controller of the German region of the International Conference Interpreters’ Association AIIC 2015-2018
  • Mentor in the German Conference Interpreters’ Association VKD 2009-2010 and 2023-2025

Additional services

  • Speech-to-text interpreting and live-captions in German and English